2023 Standings

Individual results can be found on the show dates page or on their respective host’s websites.

Names highlighted in orange have membership issues & will NOT be awarded the points for that show. In order to receive points at future shows, membership issues must be corrected prior to the show.


Please note:

  • Non THJA members are not eligible to collect points towards Championships or Year-end Awards. (AND you must have EC and OE membership to compete)
  • Some bronze divisions do not go to championships, however are eligible for year end awards.
  • Points are not retroactive. Both Competitor and Owner must be recorded as current members to collect points.
  • In order to receive points, you must have renewed or purchased your membership from the THJA, prior to the show.
  • In order to qualify for year-end awards and participation at Championships you must compete in 50% of the shows.  Your division/class must have run at a minimum of four (4) shows and you must have competed a minimum of four (4) times.
  • Horse show results are available on the individual show websites.
  • If you are showing zero points and you did place 1st to 6th at a show, it may be because a membership is missing for either rider and owner. If a name is highlighted they are missing a membership.  Please note that riders, horse/pony owners must have all required memberships and all horses/ponies must have a currently activated horse recording in order to collect points!! 
  • All inquiries regarding points can be directed to