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2019 Current Standings

Please note:

  • Non THJA members are not eligible to collect points towards Championships or Year-end Awards. (AND you must have EC and OEF membership to compete)
  • Bronze divisions do not go to championships, however are eligible for year end awards
  • Points are not retroactive. Both Competitor and Owner must be recorded as current members to collect points
  • In order to receive points, you must have renewed or purchased your membership from the THJA, prior to the show
  • In order to qualify for year-end awards and participation at Championships you must compete in 50% of the shows.  Your division/class must have run at a minimum of four (4) shows and you must have competed a minimum of four (4) times
  • Horse show results are available on the individual show websites
  • If you are showing zero points and you did place 1st to 6th at a show it may be because a membership is missing for either rider and owner. Click the link below for detailed points. If a name is highlighted they are missing a membership.  Please note that riders, horse/pony owners must have all required memberships and all horses/ponies must have a currently activated horse recording in order to collect points!!

Current standings are summarized below. Click the 2019 detailed standings link to see the exact points by show.Β  Please double check the link to make sure your memberships are current and correct. Points are not retroactive. Riders, owners, and horses must have current memberships to receive their points for that show. Any membership issues are highlighted in yellow in the detailed standings file.Β 

2019 Detailed Standings – Updated August 19th <- CHECK THIS FILE FOR MEMBERSHIP ISSUES

 1. S/M/L Pony Hunter   
1Key Biscayne (L)Kyleigh Whitwell Susy Niles 5616
2Laughton’s Kit Kat (M)Kennedy Furniss Tessa Laughton 4232
3Finally Here Alison Kellett Maeve Powis 4200
4Beaverwoods Lupin (M)Keira Gidney-FlynnEve Murphy-Beaudet 3344
5Weebiscuit (S)Kailynn Forsyth Susan Duncan 2360
 3. Children’s Working Hunter   
1Isle of Man Julia Ingarao Julia Ingarao11304
2Capitol Tycoon Rowen Hahn Rowen Hahn 10298
3El Rapido Olivia Gowan Emily Wulff 8080
4Inquest Salem Elfrjani Slaem Elfirjani 6360
5Picasso Ameila Dodds Pickering Horse Centre 5536
6Another Souvenir Paxton YoderPam Macgregor 5064
7Invidia Rebecca ReedCapri Collins 3916
8Cosenza Lexi Givelas Lexi Givelas 3528
9Fifth Street Jessica GongJessica Gong 2896
10Laughton’s Noble Intentions Maria Vrsic Tessa Laughton2848
11WestmountErin Cimring Erin Cimring 2504
 4. Low/High Hunter Development    
1Hip Hop B Brandon Hall The Pickering Horse Centre12136
2Cayenne VTyler Reeve Sara Rependa 9224
3Spanish Romance Tessa Laughton Tessa Laughton 6056
4Already There Pam Macgregor Pam Macgregor5232
5Eye Candy FF Julie Morris Julie Morris 4688
6London Fog Kate Lane Claudia Yiu 3112
7Off the Grid Olivia Carello Ashely Newell Sakaguchi 3024
8Roxborough Emily Buchinger Emily Buchinger 2400
 5. Adult Amateur Working Hunter   
1Adagio Victoria Steele Victoria Steele 5032
2Bombay Ashely Cooper Ashley Cooper 3552
3Haagen Dazs Holly Mclaren Pam Macgregor 2624
 6. Modified Children’s Hunter   
1Kampari Caelen Gipson Caelen Gipson 5608
2Wexford Meghan Darlington Diane Darlington 4912
3Next Endeavour Isabelle Humphries Kenzie Black 3776
4No Super FXWilliam Gowland Gillian Simic 3616
5Bravado Jack Murphey Michelle Johnson 2664
6Killarney To HereWendy Rudkin Wendy Rudkin 1800
 7. Modified Adult Amateur Hunter   
1Kandi DanzaLucy Gilbert Grace Ramsell 7384
2Smoke on the WaterNoah Lawlor Wendy Lawlor 5520
3Shaime on you Adrienne Fader Adrienne Fader 5064
4Kingsized Sue GeorgrasSue Georgras3308
5Saffiano Meagan White Meagan White 1897
 8. Low Working Hunter   
1Oportunity KnocksHailey Lynch Hailey Lynch 5656
2Adagio Victoria Steele Victoria Steele 5544
3Portofina Bryanne Leach Samantha Nosworthy Murray 5480
 9. Hack Division   
1Isle of Man Julia IngaraoJulia Ingarao12024
2Escador Meghan Darlington Kirby Hayes 6760
3Avro Areo Katie Wilson Jamie Doige 5688
4Caliente Tessa Laughton Tessa Laughton 4128
5Smoke On The Water Wendy Lawlor Wendy Lawlor 4104
6Foxridge Mercutio Pam Macgreggor Pam Macgregor2840
7Unwritten Passage Victoria BeckettLaura Allen 2096
 10. C Equitation Flat   
1Amelia Gatti   2800
2Lauren Morris   2568
3Laura Nosworthy   1640
4Hannah Stewart   1576
5Cate Bartolomucci   1552
6Janice Chung   1120
7Rylee Macintosh   992
8Kierra Maclean   912
9Kailynn Forsyth   376
10Reghan Booth   368
 11. C Equitation Over Fences   
1Kailynn Forsyth   384
 12. Modified Pony Medal   
1Isabella Charbonneau   1632
2Olivia Harnett  1552
3Jaimeson Mitchell   1032
4Emily Glionna   784
5Madeline Baker   576
 13. B Equitation Flat   
1Julia Ingarao   5616
2Kyleigh Whitwell   4024
3Isbella Charbonneau   2968
4Meghan Darlington   2816
5Caelen Gipson  1928
6Quorra Giacomini   1920
7Margaux Moos  1680
8Olivia Gowan   1576
9Jamieson Mitchell   1472
10Emily Glionna  1040
11Salem Elfirjani   496
12Victoria Beckett   360
13Maria Vrsic   272
 14. B Equitation O/F   
1Rowen Hahn   2104
2Olivia Gowan   1936
3Julia Ingarao   1408
4Kyleigh Whitwell   752
5Salem Elfirjani   744
6Maria Vrsic   656
 15. A Equitation Flat   
1Rebecca Reed  2272
2Paxton Yoder  1712
3Amelia Dodds   1592
4Jack Murphy  1344
5Natasha Bahrami  1280
6Erin Cimring   1088
7Erin Shoss  400
 16. A Equitation O/F   
1Amelia Dodds   1032
2Sadie Nash   432
 17. Adult Equitation Flat   
1Victoria Steele   2976
2Lucy Gilbert   2448
3Arden Kell   1256
4Katie Wilson   896
5Susan Georgas  560
 18. S/M/L Pony Medal    
1Kyleigh Whitwell   1288
2Keira Gidney-Flynn   1016
3Alison Kellett   840
4Kennedy Furniss  768
5Kailynn Forsyth   352
 20. Children’s Medal   
1Rowen Hahn   2736
2Julia Ingarao   2664
3Salem Elfirjani   1600
4Olivia Gowan   1560
5Amelia Dodds   1160
6Maria Vrsic   752
7Paxton Yoder   552
 21.  Adult EQ O/F   
1Victoria Steele   712
 22. Modified Children’s Medal   
1Caelen Gipson  1368
2William Gowland   982
3Meghan Darlington   928
4Isabelle Humphries   840
5Wendy Rudkin  824
 23. Modified Adult Medal   
1Lucy Gilbert   1280
2Adrienne Fader   1025
3Wendy Lawlor  952
4Sue Georgas   872
5Meagan White  496
 24. Training Jumper Medal (.75/.90)   
1Jordan Kell   2608
2Annika Cann  2360
3Jenna Lacy  1664
4Michaela Atkinson   544
5Abigail Mcbride   528
6Anderson Blakely   304
 25. 1 Meter Open Jumper   
1Irish Taylor Mason Sarah Meeke 3680
2Miss ScarlettAlessia MasiniAaryn Puccini 2576
3Underconstruction Pam Macgregor Pam Macgregor1896
4Overly Dramatic Sarah Campese Megan Perrin 1520
5Pistashio Callin Parkinson Callin Parkinson 1048
 26. Walk/Trot Equitation    
1Shana Roopchan   3520
2Nicole Porter   2162
3Korraugh Francis   2016
4Kyle Bolen   1200
5Mkhaya Karimjee   720
6Peyton Fitkin   704
7Gemma Moshal   480
8Braelynn Fifield   224
 27. Short Stirrup Hunter   
1Steady as She Goes Rylee Macintosh Nikki Snazel 12880
2Wen I’m Ten Amelia Gatti Kyleigh Whitwell 12136
3Reidell Thrill Me Tu Lauren Morris Kenzie Black 9120
4Golden Boy Hannah Stewart Nikki Snazel 6610
5Promise Me This Colin Stiner Jessica Chase 6456
6Mortons the Great GazooMikayla Gowland Karen Johnson 5512
7Sunsets Jessie Piper Mcconachie Shelia Bruce 4912
8Back in a Flash Kierra Maclean Catherine Meunier 4656
9Imagine Cate Bartolomucci Tenille Kerrigan 4363
10Glitter & Gold Laua Nosworthy Laura Nosworthy 1816
11Luck of the Irish Janice Chung Bailey O’Brien 1760
12BloomsburyEva Maryanovsky Eva Maryanovsky840
 28. 1.10 Metre Jumper    
1Egor Katrina Stanfield Arroscience Inc. 5352
2Sly Aspios Julia Parulski Julia Parulski 2856
3Under Construction Pam Macgregor Pam Macgregor 1648
 30. Training Equitation Flat   
1Siyona Roopchan   2792
2Avea Stiles   1904
3Jessica Weiss   1688
4James Schleihauf   1656
5Jaime Szilagy   584
6Eva Krasnay   496
 31. Crossrail Hunter    
1Casablanca Shana Roopchan The Pickering Horse Centre 11312
2Danny Boy Korraugh Francis The Pickering Horse Centre 7552
3Eloise Nicholas Vanharen Michelle Johnson 7376
4Quick Step In Time Mkhaya Karimjee Brett Schrader 7072
5Accomplice Gemma Moshal Michelle Johnson 6312
6No Spare Change Kyle Bolen Cindy Bolen 5375
7Vegas Lights Nicole Porter Carol Norton 4840
8Not So Plain Jane Peyton Fitkin Emily Buchinger 1984
9Spirit of Merlin Braelynn Fifield Cindy Bolen 1544
 32.Modified Pony Hunter   
1Cat’s Got Flare Jessica Walker Hailey Lynch 7632
2The Graduate Jamieson Mitchell Charlote Mason 7152
3Golden KissesOlivia Harnett Candice Rainey 6392
4N.E.A Starstruck Isabella Charbonneau Kenzie Black 6120
5Tiaramisu Emma Pitre Avery Clune 4008
6Cute on Demand Emily Glionna Emily Glionna 2872
 33. Novice Hunter    
1Casablanca Siyona RoopchanThe Pickering Horse Centre 16456
2By The Moonlight James Schleihauf The Pickering Horse Centre 16104
3Accomplice Jaime SzilagyMichelle Johnson 9848
4Lady Executive Jennifer Kelleway Jennifer Kelleway 6512
5Sweetie Mia TsoutsosAshley Sakaguchi Newell 5376
6All Over It Hillary Inglis Pam Macgregor 4920
7Mischief ManagedJessica Weiss Maggie Goldstein 4208
8Echo Location Avea Stiles Avea Stiles 3536
9With A Cherry On Top Eva Krasnay Danielle Berry 3240
10Beach Boy Emma Mcilmoyle Carol Norton 2824
11Understudy Megan Moshal Michelle Johnson 2544
 34. Children’s 2’6 Training    
1EdelweissQuorra GiacominiPam Macgregor 17592
2A Reason To Smile Zoey Godin Zoey Godin 13232
3Smooth SailingMargaux Moos Hailey Lynch 10560
4Already There Bayli Cohen Pam Macgregor 10544
5Unwritten Passage Victoria BeckettLaura Allen 9304
6Just Keep Smiling Jasmine Robinson Pam Macgregor 6840
7Fabrege Sydney Kovacic and Emily Walker Cyndi Bell 6128
8Parked in First Katya Bzowej Tenille Kerrigan 5944
9Bedford Park Asia Gong Asia Gong 4888
10Duramax Makala Pritchard Spencer Abroms 3944
11Just Between Us Chloe Alexiadis Pam Macgregor 3160
12Style Bianca Bettin Tenille Kerrigan 2616
13Off The Grid Miyuki Dryer Ashley Sakagichi Newell 2104
14The Crown Isbella Arana Patrick Logan 1680
 35. Adult Amateur 2’6 Hunter    
1Double Take Lisa Marie Milos Pam Macgregor 10944
2Avro Aero Katie Wilson Jamie Doige 10632
3A Reason To Smile Kyra Lawton Zoey Godin 9032
4Odyssey Arden Kell Brittany Richardson 6344
5Just Believe Carol Westman Pam Macgregor 3928
6Bella Vita Madison Vitafinzi Madison Vitafinzi 2560
7We’ll See Emily Galletto Pam Macgregor 2104
8Dans Le Rouge Hillary Simpson Hilary Simpson1400
 36. Trillium Hunter   
1Sonnenkoenigin Kelsie ColeRalph Greenwood 4104
2Hope Town Sadie Nash Chris Thompson 2584
3Monte Carlo Sarah Monaco Sarah Monaco 2008
 37. .90M Jumper   
1Fifth Avenue Grace Ramsell Grace Ramsell 11192
2Amazed Celina Lobbezoo Pam Macgregor 6488
3Princess Peach Jenna Lacy Ashley Sakaguchi Newell6000
4Chayenne Katarina Sandness Lauren Esdale 4320
5My Prince Charming Anderson Blakely Anderson Blakely 2512
6Laughtons Eclipse Chloe Van Kessel Tessa Laughton 1776
7Farnorth SGW Krichele Webster Krichele Webster 944
8Don’t Bug Me Lauren Bolton Lauren Bolton 800
9EWSZ’S Cabamba Michaela Atkinson Ashley Sakaguchi Newell640
10Kodiak B Sophie FraterSophie Frater 440
 38. Children’s Training Medal    
1Quorra Giacomini   4088
2Zoey Godin  2568
3Margaux Moos  2168
4Bayli Cohen   1768
5Victoria Beckett  1612
6Jasmine Robinson  1448
7Makala Pritchard   1360
8Karolina Brims   1160
9Chloe Alexiadis   880
10Katya Bzowej   712
 39. Adult Amateur 2’6 Medal   
1Kyra Lawton   1800
2Lisa Marie Milos   1792
3Arden Kell   1392
4Emily Galletto   656
5Hillary Simpson   648
 40. My First Medal   
1Amelia Gatti   3344
2Rylee Macintosh  2824
3Cate Bartolomucci   1888
4Lauren Morris   1576
5Hannah Stewart   1448
6Colin Stiner   1208
7Piper Macconachie   984
8Mikayla Gowland   864
9Kierra Maclean   784
10Janice Chung   720
 41. 0.75 Meter Jumper   
1Breakfast at Tiffany’s Annika Cann The Pickering Horse Centre 10104
2Mon Cherie Jolie Jordan Kell Samantha Alison 7008
3My Kind of Crazy Shaelynn Knowles Shaelynn Knowles 4048
4Just One Wish Grace Keeler Jennifer Keeler 4040
5Free 2 B Brooke Wesholowski Carol Norton 1752
6Altostratus Abigail McbrideAbigail Mcbride 1742
7Rockefeller Katelin Schimpl Katelin Schimpl 1456
8Wrath of Kahn Zoe Gottwald Zoe Gottwald 1208
 42. Trillium Jumper Medal (1.10M)   
1Katrina Stanfield   528
2Taylor Mason   440
1Logan Denouden   1
1Autumn Braithwaite   1

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