The Mountain Oak Box Co. Central East THJA Equitation Championship


We are pleased to introduce The Mountain Oak Box Co. Central East THJA Equitation Championship.

Open to all B and A riders and to adult amateur riders.

Riders will compete in their age appropriate equitation classes (both flat and over fences/medal) throughout the regular show season. Riders must show in the minimum number of shows as required by the Zone to qualify for year end awards (ie. 50%).

Riders must compete in both

(a) their age appropriate equitation on the flat and

(b) Either their age appropriate equitation over fences or their division appropriate medal class.

Riders must declare by the beginning of the second regular season show in which they compete whether they wish to accumulate points in over fences or medal classes. Riders may switch between qualifying classes once they have declared but points will only count in one division and will not be retroactive .  Declarations must be made in writing to

Riders will accumulate points for each placing from 1 – 6 at each show in which they participate as follows:

1st Place – 6 points

2nd Place – 5 points

3rd Place – 4 points

4th Place – 3 points

5th Place – 2 points

6th Place – 1 point

The top ten (10) riders will be invited to participate in an equitation ride-off to take place during The Zone Classic at Palgrave in August. The ride-off will be a flat portion with one jump (fence to be no higher than 2’6”) and may include:

  • Walk, trot, canter
  • Counter Canter
  • Collected and extended gaits
  • Other tests as determined by the committee/judges

Points will be tallied after each regular season show and will be posted on the Central East THJA website.

Equitation Finals Rules


2017 Trillium Championships

Important Deadlines and Forms for Trillium Championships

Deadline to submit your entries and stall requests for Trillium Championships is August 13.  Please note that no entries will be accepted after this date.  All entries must be completed, signed and submitted to or drop them off to the show office at one of the two RCRA shows.  DO NOT SEND YOUR ENTRIES OR STALL REQUESTS TO EMG!!  If you are in 1st to 10th spot and want to attend Champs, you need to get your entries in asap.  Top 7 in each division are eligible to attend Champs.  8th to 10th places should submit their entries in the event that someone in the top 7 is unable to go.  The tentative schedule and the prize list can be found at

Champs Entry

Stall Request – Champs

Return of 2016 Trophies

Central East Zone would like to thank Christine Reupke for taking on the huge task of coordinating the return of last year’s trophies.  If you received a trophy at our 2016 Banquet, please return them to the office at one of the two August shows at RCRA or to the show office at Zone Classic.  New this year – If your trophy is not returned by Zone Classic they will then be due by Championships but you will incur a $50 fine.  If your trophy is not returned by Championships, the fine will be increased to $100.   It is very important that trophies are returned on time, to ensure that the Banquet Committee has the necessary time to take care of any repairs or replacements to the trophies.

Important Championship Information

There are no camper spaces available at Caledon Equestrian Park for Championships.  If you are looking to camp near the park, contact Leisure Time Park on Highway 9 or Albion Hills Campground on Highway 50.  Please remember that Championships take place over the holiday weekend (starting on Wednesday, August 30) and campgrounds will fill up quickly, so book your campsite early.  Entry forms and instructions should be available on our website at the beginning of August.  The tentative Championship schedule and other related forms can be found at

2017 Board of Directors

The Board of Director positions were finalized at the 2017 AGM. The current board of directors is listed below. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

President Ken Denouden
Vice President Karen Medd
Secretary Jane Wilcox
Treasurer Carolyn Stark
Director Emily Yaghdjian
Director Samantha Murray
Director Linda Gibson

Important: division changes for 2017

Silver division changes

Please note there have been changes to the division specifications for Children’s Training, Adult Training, Modified Children’s Hunter, and Modified Adult Hunter.

Children and Adult training riders are not eligible to compete in any division with a height over 2’6″ except the Low/High Development division. Horse/rider combinations are permitted to cross enter into the Hack Division and their age appropriate Equitation on the Flat class. Modified Children and Adult horse/rider combinations are only permitted to cross enter in the the Hack Division, Low/High Hunter Development Division, the Modified Medal, and their age appropriate Equitation on the Flat class.

Please review the division specifications for any classes you are planning to compete in this year in the THJA yearbook . A hard copy will also be sent to you if you’ve purchased your THJA membership.

Bronze changes

Lead line competitors will no longer be placed at each show and therefore points will not be tracked over the course of the year. All riders will receive first place ribbons at each horse show as well as at banquet. In order to qualify for ribbons and prizes at banquet competitors must compete in 50% of Central East shows and have a THJA membership. (Note: points and show counts are not retroactive. A competitor’s shows will not count towards their final count until they have purchased a THJA membership).