Introducing the CWD Central East Hunter Derby Series

Central East Zone is proud to introduce for 2019 the CWD CE TRILLIUM HUNTER DERBY SERIES

Offered at the following horse shows: May JHHS, June JHHS, June PHC and TAP. 

2’6 derby height open to division entries in Hi/Lo Hunter Development, Children’s Training Hunter and Adult Amateur Training Hunter.
2’9 derby height open to division entries in Large Pony Hunter, Hi/Lo Hunter Development, Modified Children’s Hunter and Modified Adult Amateur Hunter.
3’0 derby height open to division entries in Children’s Working Hunter, Low Working Hunter, Adult Amateur Working Hunter and Trillium Working Hunter. 

This class showcases the high performance capabilities of horse and rider through challenging courses that require boldness and athleticism. Tests include natural obstacles and interesting jumps with variation in construction. Judging will reward handiness, jumping style, manners, way of going and smoothness. There will be no adjustment of striding for ponies. This class will run over 2 rounds, with open combined scoring. 

First Round: Hunter course with a minimum of 10 fences. Second Round: Top 12 scores will return for a handy round with high options offering 5 bonus points each. 

Horses must compete in a minimum of 3 out of 4 derbies in order to qualify for overall standings. Ribbons will be awarded to 10th place for each individual CE derby, and standings for the series will be posted on the Central East website. The derby series finale will take place at the Trillium at Palgrave horse show in July. At the completion of the finale derby, year end placings will be tabulated to determine the top 1st – 10th place combinations of 2019. The top horse in the series will receive a $500 bonus and cooler generously provided by CWD Sellier!

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