Central East THJA Equitation Championship

The Mountain Oak Box Co.

Central East THJA Equitation Championships

Central East riders- the time is almost here!!  The ride-off for the Central East THJA Equitation Championships, generously sponsored by The Mountain Oak Box Co., will be taking place at Zone Classic on Sunday, August 19.  Standings will be calculated after the show at RCRA the weekend of August 9-11 and the top 10 riders will be invited to participate in the ride-off.  Please see the schedule and prize list for Zone Classic for further details.  Ribbons will be awarded to 10th place and the winner will receive a custom tack trunk and champion cooler!!  A listing of the finalists will be posted on the website (and our social media sites) early next week.  If you are listed in the top 10 finalists, please email linda@sewequestrian.ca to confirm that you will be participating in the ride-off at Zone Classic.  Good luck and congratulations to everyone who got their eq on this year!

Equitation Championships Standings August 9

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