2017 Trillium Championships

Important Deadlines and Forms for Trillium Championships

Deadline to submit your entries and stall requests for Trillium Championships is August 13.  Please note that no entries will be accepted after this date.  All entries must be completed, signed and submitted to ce_points@live.ca or drop them off to the show office at one of the two RCRA shows.  DO NOT SEND YOUR ENTRIES OR STALL REQUESTS TO EMG!!  If you are in 1st to 10th spot and want to attend Champs, you need to get your entries in asap.  Top 7 in each division are eligible to attend Champs.  8th to 10th places should submit their entries in the event that someone in the top 7 is unable to go.  The tentative schedule and the prize list can be found at http://www.thja.ca

Champs Entry

Stall Request – Champs

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