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All enquiries regarding points can be directed to .

Trillium Silver and Bronze Division Competitors

  • Non THJA members are not eligible to collect points towards Championships or Year-end Awards. (you must be EC and OEF members to compete). Bronze divisions do not go to championships, however are eligible for year end awards.
  • Points are not retroactive. Both Competitor and Owner must be recorded as current members to collect points.
  • Your placings will show in the class results even if you are not a THJA member, however points will only accumulate from the time your THJA membership is activated.
  • Horse show results will be uploaded on a regular basis, as made available to the website by the individual horse shows.
  • If you can see class results, but points are not accumulating, then there is a problem with your membership.
  • In order to qualify for Year End awards and participation at Championships you must compete in 50% of the shows.  Your division/class must have run at a minimum of four (4) shows and you must have competed a minimum of four (4) times.
  • If you are experiencing a problem with your THJA membership, you should contact:
    the THJA at or 416-460-9178
  • In order to receive points, you must have renewed or purchased your membership from the THJA, prior to the show.

There is no grace period and points are not retroactive, so please avoid disappointment and ensure your memberships are current prior to the first show.  If you  are showing zero points and you did place 1st to 6th at a show it may be because there is a membership missing for either rider or owner. Please contact 



  JHHS May Hunter Jumper

   JHHS May Medal Eq


  JHHS April Hunter Jumper

  JHHS April Medal Eq 


 JHHS March Hunter Jumper 

 JHHS March Medal Equitation 





    2016 Final Hunter Jumper 

   2016 Final Medal Equitation 




  Year End Hunter Jumper 2015








  2014 Hunter Jumper Year End Points 


  2014 Medal Equitation Year End Points  



   CE Points 2013 Final (Oct 6)  


 Final Points

JHHS I Feb wk1 

 JHHS I Feb wk2  

 JHHS II Mar wk1 

 JHHS II Mar wk2 

 JHHS III Apr wk1

 JHHS III Apr wk2   

 JHHS IV May  

 JHHS June 

 PHC June 

 Blue Star I July 




Final Results 2009

Trillium at Markham - August 14-16
JHHS - July 16-19
Pickering Horse Centre - June 26-28
JHHS - June 12-14
Trillium at Palgrave May 29-31
JHHS - May 1-3
JHHS - April 17-19
JHHS - April 10-11
JHHS - March 21-22
JHHS - March 14-15


Standings - August 29

Markham August Trillium
Blue Star August Trillium
Pickering July Trillium
Chance July Trillium
PHC June Trillium One
JHHS Aurora June Trillium
JHHS May Trillium Two
JHHS April Trillium One
JHHS February Trillium One


Equitation Standings
Hunter Standings
Jumper Standings






Final Central East Standings and Qualifiers for the Trillium Championships


Standings (txt file)

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