Some quick facts about the Trillium Hunter Jumper Circuit

The Trillium Circuit is designed for riders and horses to make the step into recognized showing
If you have been competing at schooling shows or are taking your first foray into horse showing and are eager to progress to the next level, then a Trillium show is the way to go.

Do you have a young horse to introduce to the world of showing?

A Trillium show can be the right choice for you too. Many Trillium shows offer bronze divisions, featuring introductory classes for young horses, such as  Novice Hunter, Adult Amateur Training Hunter , Children's Training and Lo/Hi Pony Hunter. All Trillium shows offer a Hack Division (three flat classes) open to all horses.

Junior and Amateur riders often use the Trillium Circuit as a testing ground to break into an open division (showing with the professionals) or to jump at a more challenging height in a low stress environment.

The Trillium Circuit offers recognized Modified Hunter, Low Novice Hunter, Children's Training Hunter, and Hi/Low Children's Pony Hunter.

The Trillium Circuit offers the opportunity for up and coming trainers and coaches to gain experience riding and coaching at a recognized level.
Trillium shows offer EC officials and course designers and venues that must meet specific standards for ring size and safety. Trainers, coaches and their clients will find recognized level judging and course design available to them at reasonable prices on the Trillium circuit.

Trillium shows offer each division on one day.

Many people who show their horses find the time and resource commitment of the "A" circuit overwhelming. Showing Trillium generally means that only one day of your weekend must be committed to a horse show. In addition, most of the Trillium circuits offer eight to fourteen horse shows over the course of the show season, providing juniors, amateurs and professionals the opportunity to show their horses without experiencing horse show "burnout".

Awards, Prize Money and of course, "THE CHAMPIONSHIPS".

Every Trillium Silver division (with the exception of Equitation) and many of the Bronze divisions at Trillium shows give prize money to fifth place. All divisions qualify for year end awards for top 10. These are presented at our year end banquet. Finally, all riders in Silver Trillium divisions are eligible to qualify for "The Trillium Championships", held every year in September. This prestigious event features hunter classics, a mini-prix for the jumpers and spectacular prizes for the champion and reserve in every division. This is a province wide competition, so the qualifiers represent not only themselves but are a part of their zone team, vying for high point zone in Ontario.