A Mini Guide To Trillium Hunter Jumper Horse Shows

What Is A Trillium Horse Show?

The Trillium circuit is Ontario's premier recognized show series for developing and up-and-coming riders. Operating under the rules and guidelines of both Equine Canada and the Ontario Equestrian Federation, the Trillum circuit provides a place for riders to compete locally in each of the seven geographical zones throughout Ontario. The shows listed on this site are for the Central East Trillium Zone. Riders will compete in the Central East Zone, and then at the end of the season, the top seven riders from each hunter/jumper division in each zone contend for top honors at the Trillium Championships.

Who Can Compete?

Anyone can compete on the Trillium circuit. However, all competitors and owners must become EC, OEF members, and each horse competing in Silver divisions must obtain an EC Horse Passport (License). Riders with THJA memberships can accumulate points to qualify for participation in Championships and Year End awards.

What Breed of Horse Can Show Trillium?

In the hunter-jumper arena, any breed of horse can be successful as long as he is suited to the task. Some of the many participating breeds include Thoroughbred, Canadian Sport Horse, Hanoverian , Dutch Warmblood, Paint and Quarter Horse.

What is the Difference between Hunters and Jumpers? 

Hunters are assessed by individual judges on style of jumping, way of going, consistency and suitability. A Hunter should look like a comfortable and enjoyable ride over the type of fences that might be encountered on a fox hunt.

The scoring of Jumpers is rather more straightforward - three faults for a refusal, four for a knockdown. There are also time penalties for not completing the course in the allowable time. Simply put, in the jumper arena the fastest horse with the fewest faults wins.

Are Spectators Welcome at Trillium Shows?

Everyone is welcome to come and spend a day in the country at one of the lovely horse farms which host the Central East Trillium Shows. All the shows tend to be grass-roots, family-oriented horse shows with a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. There is no charge for admission or parking. Bring the children, and a couple of blankets or lawn chairs, sit back and watch some of Ontario's rising equestrian stars in exciting competition.

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