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2017 AGM

 oThe 2017 AGM will be held on Friday, June 9, 2017 @ 6:00 PM at Caledon Equestrian Park during the Trillium at Palgrave competition. There are three positions available for elections. Please review the agenda  here 


NEW FOR 2017

 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please consider volunteering for our Trophy Committee so that we can continue to have trophies at banquet each year. Details here 


Silver division changes

Please note there have been changes to the division specifications for Children's Training, Adult Training, Modified Children's Hunter, and Modified Adult Hunter.

Children and Adult training riders are not eligible to compete in any division with a height over 2'6" except the Low/High Development division. Horse/rider combinations are permitted to cross enter into the Hack Division and their age appropriate Equitation on the Flat class. Modified Children and Adult horse/rider combinations are only permitted to cross enter in the the Hack Division, Low/High Hunter Development Division, the Modified Medal, and their age appropriate Equitation on the Flat class.

Please review the division specifications for any classes you are planning to compete in this year in the THJA yearbook . A hard copy will also be sent to you if you've purchased your THJA membership.

Bronze changes

Lead line competitors will no longer be placed at each show and therefore points will not be tracked over the course of the year. All riders will receive first place ribbons at each horse show as well as at banquet. In order to qualify for ribbons and prizes at banquet competitors must compete in 50% of Central East shows and have a THJA membership. (Note: points and show counts are not retroactive. A competitor's shows will not count towards their final count until they have purchased a THJA membership).


Photos needed!

Central East Zone is getting a new website! We need recent photos from Central East horse shows of competing riders as well as candids around the show. Banquet photos of the venue, prizes, or large groups of riders would also potentially be used. If you have any photos that you would like to see on the Central East website please send them to carolyn.a.stark@gmail.com. Photos need to be full sized, high resolution photos. Dropbox links can also be sent if sending multiple photos. Make sure they are your photos or that you have permission for them to be used on the website.

Photographers: I'd also love to include some photos of flat classes, victory gallops or ribbon presentations where there are multiple horses if you have any you'd like to share.

Thank you!




The AGM was held June 10, 2016 at Trillium at Palgrave. The minutes are posted below. Contact any of the board members with questions. 

 AGM Minutes 



Please ensure that paper copies or proof of membership for owners and riders are available on show day for presentation to the show secretary.  We will be confirming membership status for THJA and Equine Canada and a copy of OEF memberships must be provided .  ALL membership information must be included on all entry forms for each show.  Show offices work independently and are not on a shared system.  You must provide this information at each show. Competitors will not receive points towards year-end awards or championships without all memberships and no points will be awarded retroactively.

There have been some processing delays with memberships this year. Do not way until the day before the show to sign up for your memberships. Points cannot be accumulated with temporary memberships.